Counselling - Supervision - Training

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Not sure about counselling? 

We offer a free, no obligation, introductory session of up to 30 minutes to meet, ask questions and find out more about what counselling support might offer you. Click here to arrange this.



Feeling more confident, safe and secure helps us cope better, achieve our goals and move forward. LifeChance provides counselling and training for adults and young people to build resilience, support change and achieve personal growth. 

We know it takes courage and often some time to take the first steps. So we offer a free introductory meeting without obligation so that you can ask questions and see what we can offer and then decide, without pressure, what might help you. 


Counsellor offers a safe and private space for you to explore your experience, relationships, feelings or thoughts and receive support without judgement. This may help you feel more able to cope, to clarify your attitudes and values and find a renewed sense of purpose. We offer a warm, open relationship of trust to support this process. Help in examining issues or experiences that may be holding you back means that you may find a happier more productive way forward. For more information please visit our Counselling page.



As well as counselling, we offer training workshops and group work covering many aspects of emotional health and wellbeing to professionals, organisations and educational settings. To find out more please click here. 


Sue Seager is a qualified clinical supervisor who provides one to one and group clinical supervision to counsellors in training and qualified counsellors. Her work includes one to one supervision for counsellors in private practice and counselling agency settings and individual and group clinical supervision for a CAMHS service. Please contact Sue here to discuss supervision needs